Where to find Icium Mining Outcrops in Frost Islands – Monster Hunter Rise

Time to find some bright Icium.

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You need a combination of monster materials and precious resources to create new armor and weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. The monster materials can take a bit of time to acquire because you need to hunt and defeat the creature in combat. The precious materials are all each of the regions. For those looking to find Icium, you can only find it in the Frost Islands, a frozen wasteland full of hungry monsters. Icium will be hidden away in the mountainous locations of this region.

You need to find mining deposits in the Frozen Islands. These will have a blue highlight around them, attached to the side of rock walls. When you mine the ore, you have a chance of iron, earth crystals, or icium dropping from these deposits. There are multiple deposits throughout the Frost Islands, and each of them has a chance to drop all three materials. Of the three, icium is the rarest to find.

Here are some notable locations where you can find ore deposits to find icium. You can revisit the Frost Islands at any point to revisit these locations farm more.

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Most of the locations are spread out through the Frost Islands. There are several in the underground regions 2, 11, and 12. You access 11 and 12 from regions 10 or 6. For regions 2, you can go head there by veering to the left of the starting camp, or by coming down from region 5. There are several mining outcrops throughout the rocky areas in regions 5, 6, 7, and 9. They’re going to be on the hills, so you’ll need to use your wirebug or palamute to access them.

These locations are static, and if we locate more, we’ll be updating the above guide with additional locations.