Where to find Juniper in New Tales From the Borderlands Episode 1

Juniper is the light of Paco’s life.

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While New Tales From the Borderlands is a game about choices, that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when the game slows down and lets you explore. Early in the game, you will explore the area around Paco’s Taco truck as Octavio. During this time, Paco will confess that he has lost Juniper, his award-winning micro breed Ratch. This guide will show you where you can find Juniper in New Tales From the Borderlands Episode 1.

Juniper location in New Tales From the Borderlands

After progressing through the first episode, you will gain control of Octavio when he and L0U13 reach Paco’s Taco truck. Your first task here is to perform a background check on each of Octavio’s friends. After the background check, talk to Paco, and he will ask you to help him find Juniper. It turns out Radon scared her, and she ran off.

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Finding Juniper is pretty simple. While you can interact with Paco’s other Ratches or ask Diamond Danielle for help, start by talking to Radon in front of the wall with the crack in it. Radon won’t pay you any mind since he is on the phone. Examine the wall, and you will hear Juniper on the other side.

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Interact with Radon again, and you will get the option to call him. Use your ECHOdex to call him. Radon will be a bit frustrated by it, but he will answer. Octavio will tell him that Juniper is in the cracked wall, to which Radon will respond by throwing a grenade at the wall. This will bust open the wall and allow Juniper to escape. Talk to Paco afterward to return Juniper to him. Paco will reward you by giving Octavio some pretty sweet executables that let you find Vaultlander figures and hack electronics.