Where to find Lemons in New World

Where do you need to go to find them?

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There are several recipes you can complete at any of the kitchen stations throughout New World’s multiple settlements. These recipes give you lavish meals to increase your stats, provide you with health and mana, or modify the luck of a particular trade skill. If you’re looking for Lemons, there are a handful of places you can find them, but they’re in some of the higher-level areas. This guide details all of the locations you can find Lemons in New World and what item you need to search through to find them.

Lemons are not an ingredient you can harvest. Instead, you’ll only be able to find it from provision crates, and these crates are scattered throughout New World’s many landmarks, and they only appear in three regions: Great Cleave, Restless Shore, and Weaver’s Fen.

Great Cleave

Great Cleave is a superb location to find Lemons, given the number of chests you can find next to Cleave’s Point and Eastburn. However, this is a high level area, and you can expect to encounter some of the strongest enemies.

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Restless Shore

Many of the provisions chests can be found to the north of Restless Shore. Thankfully, this area doesn’t have the strongest enemies you can find in New World, but you’ll want to be around level 40 to explore this region freely.

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Weaver’s Fen

The final area, Weaver’s Fen, has the weakest enemies of any place that could potentially contain Lemons. You can freely wander this region around level 35, and many of the provisions chests are right next to town, making it easy to find them and then return to a cooking station to prepare your meals.

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