Where to find Light Crystals in Monster Hunter Rise

Prepare your pickaxe.

Light Crystals are an important resource in Monster Hunter Rise. It can only be found in one area of the game, but has a couple of potential drop points. In thsi guide, we will show you where to find it, and why you need it.

Light Crystals can be found on the Flooded Forest map, and will drop with a small chance from blue Mining Outcrops, and a higher chance from white Mining Outcrops.

Blue Mining Outcrops

Light Crystals are used to create and upgrade certain bows, like the Kamura Iron Bow V, and the Felyne Bow I. It is also used for armor pieces like Almudron Helm, Kulu-Ya-Ku Helm, and Basarios Vambraces.

White Mining Outcrops

The best way to farm any resource is by going on Expedition Tours in the area. These allow you to explore an area without any pressing mission to complete, and you can leave whenever you like through the menu. They can also have different modifiers, such as one called Mining Upsurge. This makes mining far more efficient, and you will net even more resources from each Outcrop.

While it is technically not the most efficient way, which is to combine resources gathering with single-player missions and learn good routes, it is a nice relaxed way to play the game and allows you to focus farm the resource that you need then leave.

After you learn when each Mining Outcrop that drops Light Crystals issue, you can then visit them very quickly and easily during a single-player mission. We would advise not going out of your way to mine during a Hub mission, as your teammates may not appreciate you taking time to hit rocks while you should be hitting a monster.