Where to find Link’s lost skywing in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Link’s getting bullied?

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Link’s bully Groose is trying to wreck his chances of competing in the skywing race and become a knight for Skyloft. Now, you must find Link’s crimson wing and free it from its cage. Follow these steps, and you’ll be ready to race.

You suck, Groose!

Once you find out your skywing is missing, talk to Horwell by the academy entrance. He can be found to the left of the building. You inform him to talk to the headmaster. Now, jump to the left where the bird statue is, and you’ll see that the door is now unlocked. Walk down the steps and keep following the path down to the plaza. A cutscene will play and introduce you to the despicable Groose.

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Once it ends, run down the right path. Keep following it until you see a wooden block. Push it along the wall and climb it. After that, turn right and go up a flight of stairs. Keep going up until you’re interrupted by Pipit.

To get down to Pipit, go left and then drop down to the right courtyard of the academy. They tell you that the lost skywing will be near the waterfall. After that, Pipit suggests one more thing: to find a sword. It is inside the academy. You’ll have to ask the Knight Commander for one. He is inside the building in front of you. Once you talk to him, he says the sword is in the back room. The training sword is now yours! Go back to the training room and learn how to use the sword with the right stick or motion controls. After finishing this, the commander will give you permission to take the weapon outside.

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Leave the building and find your way to the other courtyard. Go down the stairs once again and get to the plaza. Follow the same route as before, but before you cross the wooden bridge, follow the right path. Go under the overpass and on the right, you’ll see a river with stepping stones. Cross over them. At the end of the path, you’ll see wooden spikes blocking your way. Slash them with a horizontal strike, and you’ll now find yourself in a cave.

Bats, slimes, and rupees

Beware of the bats in the area and hit them with your sword. You’ll also find some slime creatures that attach to your leg. Wiggle your way out of them with the right stick.

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Keep going down the path and you’ll find a hill. Sprint your way up to overcome it. Once you’ve reached the top, you’ll see a rockface with moss on it on the left. Climb it and you’ll encounter a chest. Open it for a quick 20 rupee payday. You can also break the pots for two hearts.

Drop down and continue your way through the cave, battling annoying foes on the way. Before you head outside, you’ll see a higher platform with a lot of grass on it. Slash your sword through it, and you’ll see another 40 rupees in a small hole. Walk into it, and Link will get on his hands and knees to reach them. Now you can back out and go outside.

Save your buddy

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You’ll meet Zelda, and she’ll follow you for a brief moment. Go down the hill on the right to find Link’s loftwing behind wood. On the edges, you’ll see the tied rope. Slash your sword in the correct motions to release your bird buddy from Groose’s cage. You’ll have to hit each part of the rope twice. You’ve now freed the bird and you’re one step closer to being in the race!