Where to find Lumber in Harvestella

One of the more common materials.

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Since Harvestella is a farming-sim RPG, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that there are a lot of different materials that you can find scattered about its many dungeons. These materials are used to craft different tools, cook meals, and even upgrade your gear so that you can better defend yourself. One of the many materials you can get your hands on is Lumber. Lumber is one of the items you will be using the most of so it is important to stock up on it. This guide will show you where you can find Lumber in Harvestella.

Lumber location in Harvestella

Lumber is actually one of the earliest materials that you can get your hands on in Harvestella. You can get your hands on it so early, in fact, that you can find it right outside your home in Bird’s Eye Brae. Take a step outside and start searching the area, you will find some gathering locations that you can interact with and each has a chance to drop Lumber for you to use. You can also get other items from these like Cool Berries and Little Mushrooms.

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Outside of the area that you can home, you can also find Lumber in any of the starting dungeon areas like Njord Steppe and Higan Canyon. Like in Bird’s Eye Brae, you can collect Lumber from gathering spots around these areas. You can also obtain it as a reward for defeating monsters and from chests. If you don’t feel like venturing out of the safety of your home, there is a small area connected Bird’s Eye Brae called the Small Field that has a few more nodes that you can harvest for a chance at some Lumber. Remember, these nodes only respawn once per day. If you don’t get the amount of Lumber that you need, you can always rest and start your search all over again for another chance at getting more of the material from the different nodes.