Where to find Machalite Ore in Sandy Plains in Monster Hunter Rise

A precious resource you can find in the desert.

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For those looking to add more Machalite Ore to your collection in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll want to make regular visits to the Sandy Plains. This region is the only known area to contain these resources. You gain access to this area once you’ve completed four two-star hunting quests for the Village Progress, and you’re capable of going down three-star quests.

Once you gain access to the Sandy Plains, you’ll need to locate any of the Mining Outcrops in this area. These are typically locations where you can mine minerals from the area. You normally acquire iron and earth crystals when you do this, but while visiting the Sandy Plains, you can regularly find Machalite Ore alongside it. Unfortunately, those resources are few and far between. It’s much harder to obtain Machalite Ore than it is iron or earth crystals.

These are all of the Mining Outcrop locations you can visit in the Sandy Plains. They won’t all contain Machalite Ore because it’s a more difficult resource drop than earth crystals of iron, but it should provide you several reliable locations to farm the ore.

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These are not all of the ore locations in Sandy Plains, but these feature a majority of the uncommon Mining Outcrops. There’s a chance you might find Machalite Ore at run-of-the-mill Mining Outcrop locations, but it’s low.

You can find it in the Lava Caverns in the upper regions.

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The Lava Caverns’ lower regions also contains Machalite Ore, with far more Mining Outcrops than the upper area.

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