Where to find Mangrove Trees in Minecraft

It’s warmer than you might expect.

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Mangrove trees are one of the many living things you can find in your Minecraft world. You can collect them and begin creating Mangrove-based items or stacking them up to create a Mangrove house. Unfortunately, these trees only appear in a specific location in your world, and you’ll need to go out of your way to find them. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Mangrove Trees in Minecraft.

Where to find Mangrove Trees

The only location you can find Mangrove Trees is within a Mangrove Swamp. This is a variant of the traditional swamp biome. You can find these closer to warmer climates adjacent to desert or jungle biomes. You’ll want to seek out these biomes when trying to find a Mangrove Swamp. It’s unlike a traditional swamp because it has a different ecosystem, unable to support farm animals, and doesn’t spawn witches. You can find a warmer variety of frogs within this region.

You then have to cut down the Mangrove Trees within the swamp when you arrive. You can choose to use your hands or attack them with an axe if you need to faster. You’ll obtain Mangrove Loves by destroying the Mangrove Tree blocks, giving you access to Mangrove Wood and Planks, which you can use in your crafting projects.

There are multiple Mangrove Trees within a Mangrove Swamp, so you can take your time and explore your area to find more. The Mangrove Tree is the only type of tree that can spawn within this area, giving you plenty of logs to take back to your base. Make sure to mark a desert or jungle biomes you find because you might be close to a Mangrove Swamp.