How to find Mimikyu in Pokémon Sword and Shield


Mimikyu returns in Pokémon Sword and Shield, much to the delight of fans. The popular Sun and Moon Pokémon is once again wearing a slightly creepy Pikachu outfit and can be found in the game if you know where to look.

Mimikyu is very difficult to get, but you can start by searching in the Wild Area. You will have a chance of running into this eerie looking Pokémon near Giant’s Mirror. To up the creepy-factor a little more, Mimikyu will only spawn when the weather is Foggy. If you get to the area and it is not the right weather for this particular Pokémon hunt, you can opt to try and change it by changing the time on your Switch.

To change the time on your Switch, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to System Settings
  • Scroll down to the System Tab
  • Click Data and Time
  • Change your timezone
  • Save the change

You should only change the time in increments of about two to three hours. Keep in mind; there is no guarantee that the next weather cycle in the area will be Fog, so keep changing it until you get lucky.

On top of that, Mimikyu is an incredibly rare spawn, so you could be searching for quite some time, as it has a less than five-percent spawn rate. One upside is that the area has plenty of other exciting spawns. You can expect to see the likes of Milcery and Impidimp while you are looking for Mimikyu. I’d suggest catching every Milcery you see, as you will need a lot of them to get all the Alcremie forms.

If you are feeling lucky, you can also try to get Mimikyu in a Max Raid Battle, although once again, the chances of that are pretty slim. Getting your hands on this particular Pokémon will require some patience, no matter what way you try to do it.