Where to find Monster Fluid in Monster Hunter Rise

These fluids are perfect to use on your gear.

Monster Hunter Rise The Rampage

Screenshot Via Capcom

Monster Fluid is a resource you can find by hunting one of the many smaller Monster Hunter Rise monsters. It’s a resource you can use to improve your weapons and armor. You can find it on multiple creatures in Monster Hunter Rise, but the most reliable one we’ve been able to find this material on the Altaroth, a small bug that appears in the Shrine Ruins, Frozen Islands, Sandy Plains, and the Flooded Forest. It’s a small creature and can be easy to miss.

Because the Altaroth is a little to spot, here is what they look like. You want to search for them on the ground. We sometimes find two of them walking next to each other while we were exploring.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you spot these creatures moving around, you want to grab them quickly and start attacking. They’re prone to getting away and burrowing into a hole in the side of a rock face if you don’t act quickly enough, forcing you find another spawn elsewhere on the map.

For monster fluid to drop off these creatures, you want to make sure the orb on their rears have grown and are growing. An Altaroth typically won’t drop monster fluid unless you notice this feature. If you come across an Altaroth without this on its back, follow it and wait a little bit. It should grow before trying to hideaway.

We discovered a reliable spawn in the Frost Islands region, You can find it in area 6. A pair of Altaroth walk across the middle of the field, a small slope on the left side of this area, and hide into the side of a mountain. If you miss these Altaroth and they make it into their hole, the creatures do respawn after a little bit of time.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We’ve also discover you find this item dropping from Volvidon, which you can battle against in the Sandy Plains or the Lava Caverns. Monster Fluid does drop off Bnahabra, a small creature that spawns in the Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, and Lava Caverns. You can also find it on Rachnoids, a spider-like creature that frequently roams the Sandy Plains and Lava Caverns.