Where to find Nepheli in Elden Ring

She moves around.

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Nepheli is a character you can meet in Elden Ring. You have to chance to initially encounter her at Stormveil Castle, right before you battle against Godrick the Grafted. If you speak with her, she’ll be able to fight alongside you against him. Later on, you’ll need her for a particular quest, but she appears to bounce around once you receive this quest. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Nepheli in Elden Ring.

She makes her way to the Village of Albinaurics. You can find this area in the western section of Liurnia. Follow the path to the left from the Lake-Facing Cliffs site of grace, and then continue under you reach a large rock face. From here, go north into the forest, and then dip to the west once you can to find the Folly on the Lake site of Grace. Now, head south, underneath the large rock where there’s a lot of mist, and you’ll find Nepheli up the path.

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She will be sitting next to a handful of bodies. Speak with her, and exhaust her dialogue options. Now, you’ll need to continue up the path to find a boss named the Omenkiller. You can summon Nepheli to help you fight it. Once you defeat it, you can find her again, but she will be missing from this spot. She will have returned to the Roundtable Hold.

You can find her downstairs, different from her original location. You can speak with her and make sure to talk to her father regarding Seluvis’ potion.