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Where to find Oakensoul Ring leads in Elder Scrolls Online

Who needs a second weapon?

If you’re out adventuring, mindlessly murdering random enemies, odds are good that you don’t swap your weapons much. After all, most dungeon mobs and overworld mobs are too weak to warrant maximum DPS. Or perhaps you simply don’t like weapon swapping in the first place — if either of these is true, you want to get the Oakensoul Ring, which boosts your stats considerably but at the expense of your weapon swap. Here’s where to find Oakensoul Ring leads in Elder Scrolls Online.

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Finding Oakensoul Ring leads

First off, you’ll need to have unlocked the Antiquities system by heading to Western Skyrim and speaking with Verita Numida at the Antiquarians Circle — you will need the Greymoor DLC. In order to unlock the Oakensoul Ring, you’ll first have to find and acquire five leads:

  • Igneous Inlays: Found rarely when clearing Volcanic Vents in Anemos and High Isle
  • Larimar Gems: Randomly drops from Titanclaw, the World Boss at Mudcrab Beach (Southwest from Bonesnap Ruins Wayshrine)
  • Petrified Oak Loop: Randomly found in strongboxes in Murkmire (hint: please disable Auto-loot in your settings, so that the safebox doesn’t disappear.)
  • Sacred Resin: Random drop from enemies in Malabel Tor
  • Stone Shank Frame: Random drop from Blacksmithing Gather Nodes in Glenumbra

Once you’ve acquired a lead, you can track it down. All five leads will bring you back to High Isle or Anemos, so to save time, you may wish to farm them all of the drops except Igneous Inlays first, then head back to High Isle to wrap everything up.

What the Oakensoul Ring does

This ring, as mentioned above, is perfect for players who don’t like weapon swapping. The ring prevents you from using a back-bar, but in its place, it grants you the following buffs permanently so long as the ring is equipped:

  • Major Berserk: +10% Damage Dealt
  • Major Courage: +430 Weapon and Spell Damage
  • Major Brutality: +20% Weapon Damage
  • Major Sorcery: +20% Spell Damage
  • Major Prophecy: +12% Spell Critical Chance
  • Major Savagery: +12% Weapon Critical Chance
  • Major Force: +20% Critical Damage
  • Major Protection: -10% Damage Received
  • Major Resolve: +5948 Physical and Spell Resistance
  • Minor Fortitude: +15% Health Recovery
  • Minor Intellect: +15% Magicka Recovery
  • Minor Endurance: +15% Stamina Recovery
  • Major Heroism: +3 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds

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