Where to find oil in the Lost Island expansion for Ark: Survival Evolved

Oil for all.

Image via Studio Wildcard

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In Ark: Survival Evolved, the need to upgrade your tier of crafting is high. To do so requires you to have certain resources that are less easy to obtain and are often highly contested and difficult to find. In Lost Island, there are plenty of underwater Oil rocks that can be hit with a pickax for oil, but there are also Veins that can be used to place Oil Pumps on. These Veins are located in the Scorched Earth biome, which is in the south of the map and stretches on for a very long way. Like most of the Scorched Earth biomes, it’s filled with various dangers as well as resources, such as the Death Worm.

Vein 1: 86.5, 60.5

Screenshot by Gamepur

This Oil Vein is located close to a cluster of sharp rocks and is surrounded by skeletons as well as a collection of Titanoboas. It’s wise to make sure you’re safe before attempting to set up your Oil Pump.

Vein 2: 89.5, 63.3

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Not far from the first vein, this one is on the other side of the cluster of rocks and up against a mountain face. Again, surrounded by Titanoboas, it’s best to carry a firearm with you before you place.

Vein 3 & 4: 83.8, 48.29 and 83.3 48.98

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This one vein is right next to another one, so it makes for an easy double collection spot. Again, they’re placed close to some hills and other larger rocks.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Vein 5: 84.6, 49.0

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This Vein was surrounded by Megatherium. It was also guarded by Titanomyrma, so it’s best to be very cautious in case the Megatherium angers and gets its Insect Buff.

Vein Cluster: 87.3, 39.8; 86.82, 40.49; 86.63, 38.62

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The next three nodes are all clustered around a large oasis and are close enough to each other that they’re pretty easy to find. Out here the standard dangers of Titanoboa, Pulmunoscorpius, and Titanomyrma are about, so keep a watchful eye.

Vein 7: 88.19, 35.56

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This vein is found out to the left of the large oasis and was protected by Pulmunoscorpius.