Where to find onions in Valheim

They’re perfect in a stew.

Image via Iron Gate

Cooking ingredients are a critical resource for you in Valheim, giving you access to several food recipes that you’ll be using to increase your character’s health and stamina stats. In Valheim’s Hearth and Home update, onions will be appearing, and you’ll need to find them if you want to add them to your garden and add them as a staple in your kitchen. Here’s where you can find onions in your world.

Unlike the other vegetable seeds we’ve found in Valheim, onions seeds were a bit more interesting. First, we ventured into the Mountains biome and found an abandoned village to check out the chests. Inside those chests, we discovered onion seeds. Because we haven’t been able to find them elsewhere, we don’t know if they spawn everywhere, or they spawn in every chest in Valheim, but so far, the Mountain chests definitely contain this new item.

After grabbing the onion seeds, you’re going to need to create a cultivator. Once you have that item, you’ll be able to plant the onion seeds and prepare those for harvest. Most of the vegetables in Valheim take a handful of in-game days to grow, so you’ll need to be patient with those and have to wait until they blossom. While you’re waiting, we recommend upgrading your cauldron and your kitchen station to prepare for the higher level food crafting items.