Where to find Peacocks in New World

They have beautiful feathers.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

The many animals in New World are scattered throughout the regions, wandering around in the wild. A handful of missions and town board quests have you hunting them down to earn experience, or you might be trying to find them to obtain some of their essential resources. For those who are searching for Peacocks, these animals are a bit more challenging to find. In this guide, we will detail all of the locations you can find Peacocks in New World and what they drop.

You can only find Peacocks in one region of New World: Ebonscale Reach. They only wander around this region. If you ever receive a mission or quest to hunt them down, you’ll need to head over here. Because this is the only area that they appear, Peacocks are everywhere in Ebonscale.

Screenshot by Gamepur

They’re all over the region. It’s hard not to find them wandering around Ebonscale. The map above will make it easy to find some of the best areas where they are, but overall, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. The problem is knowing they only appear in Ebonscale. A handful of the Peacocks have been known to wander over the border over to Brightwood, though.