Where to find Picklocks in The Serpent Rogue

No Lockpicking skill required.

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Early in your exploration of the Wasteland, you’ve likely come across locked chests. These chests require Picklocks to open, but you likely don’t have the recipe to craft them yet, nor do you know how else to obtain them. Chests are valuable, containing many rarer resources and Gold, so tracking down some Picklocks is high up on the priority list. Here’s where to find Picklocks in the Serpent Rogue.

Picklocks can be obtained in one of two ways — you can either randomly find them inside Chests or from Satchels that have been dug up, or you can craft them. You can dig at certain locations only if you have a Shovel, which can be found on wandering NPCs in the Camp randomly. This method, unfortunately, has a lot of random chances associated with it, so it may take a while before you find one.

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The other method, crafting, is much more guaranteed if you have the materials. The recipe can be found at the Docks, which is tucked away behind the Looming Vines sub-quest. Simply head to the overturned boat and pick up the recipe. The materials, however, are a bit more stingy to find — each Picklock requires two Scrap Metal to create.