Where to find provisions containers in New World – Provisions cache, provisions crate, and provisions stockpile locations

Gather ingredients for the perfect cooking menu.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

There are numerous resources that you can find throughout New World. These resources are what you’ll be taking back with you to a settlement to use at one of the many crafting stations to turn into valuable items that you can use on your adventure or sell to other players. For those looking for cooking supplies, you want to be on the lookout for provision containers.

There are three types of provisions containers you can find in New World: Provisions cache, provisions rate, and a provisions stockpile. All three of these are randomly generated all over the game, and you can usually find them in deserted settlements and homes. If you’re outside of one of the larger settlements, we highly recommend investigating some of the smaller locations, such as Cooper’s Ranch in Windsward.

Because these resources are randomly generated, you won’t always find them while looking around these locations. It’s also possible other players acquired them before you were to grab them, and you might be forced to wait until they respawn.

The items you find inside any of the three types of provisions containers will contain some ingredients that you can use in cooking. These ingredients are region-based. For example, you can find salt by looting provision containers in Everfall, whereas sugar can be found inside containers that spawn in Ebonscale Reach, Reekwater, and Windsward.