Where to find Rock Lizard in Monster Hunter Rise

It’s not under the dock.

Monster Hunter Rise

Each area of Monster Hunter Rise is teeming with endemic life, small local creatures and fauna that you will need to collect for various reasons. They can make weapons, items, potions, and other useful things to help you out during the game.

The Rock Lizard is one such creature, and you will want to track them down to get Armor Spheres. These are used to upgrade your armor, and you will need a lot of them. The easiest and earliest place to get your hands on them is in the Shrine Ruins area.

The easiest Rock Lizard to grab is just north of area 7, where you can just pick it up off the floor. The Rock Lizard between 12 and 11 will require you to do some climbing, so prepare to use your wirebug to shimmy up a cliff face to grab it.

The Boulder Lizard located just below point thirteen is the most awkward one, as it is at the very top of an awkward building. We found the best way is to climb the cliffs just to the right of it, then jump across to the roof using your Wirebug.

We are currently searching for more Rock Lizards in both the Shrine Ruins and the other biomes, as they will appear everywhere in the game. They are easy enough to spot, as they are brightly colored lizards that tend to stand out in the game’s drabber surroundings.