Where to find Salarian Kirosa family data and submit it in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Help out a Salarian.

You can complete several small actions as you make your way through Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition as you create the best team possible to take on the Suicide Mission at the end. When visiting Illium, you might overhear a Salarian speaking about how they lost their family’s genetic tree information. For Salarians, this information is vital for them to keep the family tree thriving and critical for their marriage or reproduction contracts. You can find this information when you’re hunting after Thane for his recruit mission.

Where to find Salarian Kirosa family data

You’ll find it as you make your way up Nassana’s tower, you don’t have to worry about finding it on the first level. It becomes available on the second level, immediately you have the cutscene with the Eclipse mercrenary and you have the option to throw him out of the window. Turn around from this position, and there will be a datapad on the ground. While it is only described as a datapad, it’ll be the family data.

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You can finish the mission normally. When you’re ready, return to Illium to find the Salarian who needs the information. He should be in the Shipping & Cargo area, immediately in front of the stairs from the upper markets. Speak with him, and he’ll thank you for bringing it back to him. You’ll receive a few credits for your trouble and experience points.

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