Where to find Salt in New World

Add a dash of it to your favorite meal.

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Many of the cooking recipes you’re going to be creating in New World require a handful of ingredients that you’ll need to find throughout the game. These ingredients only drop at specific locations, and you can only find some in certain regions. Salt, for example, is one of many that you’re going to be on the hunt to find. This guide breaks down where you can find Salt in New World and what item you need to search to find it.

When it comes to finding Salt, you’ll only be able to find it in provision crates. These items specifically spawn in the world, typically at landmarks you can find in a region. However, most of the ingredients only drop in certain areas. So if you’re looking for Salt, you want to search for it in Everfall and Brightwood.


These are all of the provision crates you can find in Brightwood. Many of these crates are protected by level 26 to 29 creatures, which are drastically stronger than the ones you might find in Everfall. So if you’re under level 25, we recommend sticking to Everfall to find Salt.

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These are all of the provision crates you can find in Everfall. Of course, they won’t always contain Salt, but there’s a good chance of finding some inside, along with a few other items that you might use in other recipes.

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