Where to find secret room keys and open secret locked rooms in Paramo in PUBG

There are secret rooms on Paramo.

Image via PUBG Corp

Paramo is a dynamic map in PUBG that features a small number of players, but there’s still plenty going on. The landscape is more condensed, and it’s the first map to feature a rotating format that makes every game feel like a fresh start with new locations to drop. Among the rotating landmarks and buildings are secret buildings you and your friends can unlock using secret room keys.

The secret room keys are scattered all over the game, and the only way to locate them is to grab them from the ground randomly. Unfortunately, these keys are much like any other item in the game, and they do not have a definite drop location. When you pick them up, they should read as “Secret Room Key” in your inventory, making it pretty easy to indicate that you have one. Finding the location of the secret rooms to use the key is a bit easier.

You can see the secret rooms on the map, but they don’t have an icon or a name next to them. The game doesn’t yell “secret room” at you, but they all have the same look. When you open up the map, these rooms are defined by their distinct square shape, and they are always perfectly lined up with the map. One won’t be facing the side or be off to an angle.

A secret room’s entrance, pictured above, has the same requirement for you to open the door like the others in the game. However, if you do not have a secret room key, the doors do not open and tells you it is locked. Once the door is open you and your teammates can loot the location for all of the valuable gear, and survive until the end of the match, unless someone from another team takes you out first. You had better grab all of the equipment inside the room before other teams show up, too. Once those doors are open, anyone can grab that equipment.