Where to find sheep in New World

The finest wool.

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There are multiple animals that you can find wandering around the environment in New World. Hunting them down and bringing back their crucial resources to a city is a good way to begin crafting or complete quests given to you by a region’s job board. For those hunting down sheep, they can appear in several locations. This guide will detain where you can find sheep in New World.

We’ve reliably found sheep wandering around the forest and mountain regions of New World, typically to the northwest of Everfall. There’s a lot of player traffic in this region because of how many main quests go through this area, so finding a sheep might be a bit harder than you think, but they spawn pretty fast in the Stonereach area. You might want to check directly south of the fort. The mountain range can be a little tricky to walk through.

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Stonereach is probably the best location to farm sheep. It’s right next to Everfall, and many of the creatures are harmlessly running around nearby the many wolves. The wolves range from levels six to eight, so most beginning players shouldn’t have too much difficulty with them if they cross your path when attempting to take down a sheep.