Where to find Stone Golems in Valheim

Is the mountain moving?

Image via Steam

The more dangerous creatures you can find in Valheim are normally the ones with the most precious resources. You can find them all over your world in the various biomes. You’ll want to make sure you’re prepared to take down these creatures in their natural habitat, and when it comes to finding Stone Golems, you need to bundle up and make sure you’re ready to battle the cold.

You can only find Stone Golems in the Mountains biome. These large creatures are slowly walking around the rocky terrain, and sometimes they’re merely dozing off on the side of a mountain, lazily leaning against a rock wall. They blend in so well with the environment while they’re resting you hardly even notice them until they stand up and start battling against you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You want to be careful when battling these creatures. They’re massive, and they can do quite a bit of damage. You’ll want to make sure you have a frost potion or two handy to battle the terrible cold in the mountains and plenty of health potions to survive a Stone Golem encounter. Also, you’ll want to use a pickax against them, rather than the standard weapons you normally use against the many monsters in Valheim.

A Stone Golem has the chance to drop precious crystals. You can use these to make beautiful crystal walls for your home, or a crystal battleaxe to use in battle.