Where to find Striped Hide in Monster Hunter Rise

Finding Striped Hide means finding the right monster to hunt in Monster Hunter Rise.

Image via Capcom

Depending on what type of weapon and armor you’re crafting in Monster Hunter Rise, you might be on the search for Striped Hide. You can only find it in specific locations during your adventure, so making sure you know where to go to find it can make farming it much easier. In this guide, we’ll cover where you need to go to find Striped Hide in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Striped Hide resource is what you’ll need to create Remobra and Death Stench armor sets, along with a handful of weapon upgrades. The only monster that drops the Striped Hide are the Remobra monsters. You can find them in both low-rank missions, so you want to make sure to grab the lower missions. When you reach the high-rank missions, Remobra has a good chance to drop Striped Hide+, a higher tier of a resource. You can find this creature in all of the available regions.

Remobra appears in the Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, and Lava Caverns. It’s a small, flying monster, meaning you’ll want to find them while exploring a region or when attempting to complete a larger hunting mission. You want to make sure you’re consistently looking up to try and find them.

Of the five locations, we’ve had the most success finding Remobra in the Frost Islands, and the Lava Caverns, with the Shrine Ruins, have the lowest amount of luck.