Where to find Sugar in New World

A sweet finisher.

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There are several resources you’re going to find all over New World. These resources are essential for many of your crafting recipes, and if you’re on the hunt for ingredients, you’ll need to check specific locations in the game. For example, when you’re searching for Sugar, there are only a handful of places you can find it in the game. This guide will detail to you all the locations you can find Sugar in New World.

When you’re looking for Sugar, you can only find it in provision crates. These are crates that you can find in many of the landmarks on the map. However, each of the provision containers has the chance to drop different ingredients. If you’re looking for Sugar, you want to search the Ebonscale Reach, Reekwater, and Windsward.

Ebonscale Reach

Inside the Imperial Palace, there are several provisions chests for you to loot on the west side of Ebonscale Reach. You will need to be at a much higher level to explore this area, at least level 50, before comfortably exploring this region.

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Reekwater is also another challenging area, but not nearly as bad as Ebonscale. You need to be around level 40 to explore this region, and you can expect to find several provisions crates near Scavenger’s Shore and Forecastle Drift.

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For those wanting to level up your cooking earlier in the game, Windsward, one of the several starting regions, has provision crates containing sugar. While it might not appear too often, you have a better chance of finding it here than risk constantly dying exploring Ebonscale Reach or Reekwater.

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