Where to find Taifu in Temtem

Looking for a high stamina Temtem? Taifu might be what you need.


Image via Crema

Taifu is a Nature-type Temtem. It has two pairs of arms and legs. Taifu has a high stamina value; we assume because one pair of legs can rest while the other pair works, allowing you to use multiple high-cost Techniques in a fight before the Temtem is at risk of exhaustion. Taifu is strong against Water, Nature, Electric, and Earth-types, but is weak against Fire and Toxic-types.

How to get Taifu

Taifu can be found at The Glassyway on the island of Omninesia. A wild spawn that can be found in grass, it is rare, so you might have better luck getting Taifu via evolution. Taifu is the evolved form of Hidody. Hidody will evolve in Taifu after leveling up 15 times. Hidody can be found at the following locations:

  • The Canopath on Omninesia, can be found in grass as a wild encounter. Spawns at level 14-17
  • The Glassyway on Omninesia, can be found in grass as a wild encounter. Spawns at level 19-22
  • The Giant Banyan on Omninesia, can be found in grass as a wild encounter. Spawns at level 23-26

Taifu Stats

  • HP – 60
  • STA – 87
  • SPD – 45
  • ATK – 50
  • DEF – 45
  • SPATK – 78
  • SPDEF – 78


From Leveling

4Sand SplatterEarthPhysical3570Normal
7Sharp LeafNaturePhysical5070Normal
12Cheer UpNeutralStatus70Very Fast
19Allergic SpreadNatureSpecial58181Normal
24GaiaNatureStatus153Very Slow
28Bark ShieldNatureStatus302Slow
37Dust VortexEarthSpecial131241Normal
48Frond WhipNaturePhysical146281Slow

From Technique Courses (TCs)

4Wake UpNeutralPhysical10Very Fast
9AntitoxinsToxic Status 262Normal
11CageNeutral Status 161Fast
17RelaxNeutral Status 121Slow
18Major SlashNeutralPhysical150331Normal

From Breeding

Water Cutting LilyNature and WaterPhysical120310Fast