Where to find the Ancient Obelisk in the Fearamid in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Face your fears in the Fearamid.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Ancient Obelisks are one of the many types of collectibles scattered about the Wonderlands for you to discover. Obelisks are more than collectibles; they are challenges that require you to take on waves of enemies. If you manage to defeat enough enemies, a miniboss will spawn. Defeat the miniboss, and you win the challenge. Here is where you can find the Ancient Obelisk in the Fearamid in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Fearamid is an area that is walked about quite a bit in Wonderlands. This is because it is the home of the dreaded Dragon Lord. As such, you won’t reach the Fearamid until the end of the campaign since it is the last area you unlock. Once you reach the Fearamid, make your way through the area until you reach the catwalk with lightning. Don’t cross the catwalk yet. Go to the left of the catwalk to find a small area you can go into. Go inside and drop down to find the room with the obelisk.

When taking on this obelisk challenge, you will need to fight off waves of the undead. Make sure to bring both fire and frost weapons to deal with them. The miniboss of this obelisk is the Death Rattler. He can be a tough enemy to deal with. Bring both poison and frost weapons to make things a bit easier. If you happen to die while fighting it, you can always return and use the catwalk above where you drop down to shoot at him, making the fight a lot easier.