Where to find the audiocassette tape in Resident Evil 3: Remake

Fight your way through a zombie-infested hospital.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

To gain access to the room where researcher Bard is held up in Resident Evil 3: Remake, you need to gain access to a voice activation panel. To do this, you need to locate an audiocassette tape hidden somewhere in the hospital, and finding it won’t be easy.

You first need to make your way to the left towards the Emergency Entrance, where there are a handful of zombies. Take them out, and then proceed to the left, and then the right up a stairwell. A body will fall from the second floor, but it’s neither undead or alive, so you can walk passed it unharmed to the second floor. From there, you want to make your way to the left onto the roof, follow the path with a body lying in the middle, and then go forward, not to the left. Go until the end, and then proceed to the right. You will find an open window on the corner, which you want to jump out of to the bottom level. You need to locate a key in the courtyard.

When you find the key, make your way out of the courtyard and then back up to the second to return to the roof section. The body you passed earlier on the roof is now undead, so take it out. After killing it, leave the roof area and then look to the left. You want to go down the hall and to the right into the staff room. Bodies are everywhere, and you can pick up a few useful pieces of equipment. Proceed to the back where you need to use the key you found in the courtyard, and then go inside to check the lockers. The one in the back will have an ID card you need to use. Go back into the staff room and the way you came, and you’ll face off against your first hunter. Take it out using grenades, or use a flashbang to distract it, and then light it up with your assault rifle.

Fallout 4

Go back to the location of where you jumped out the window, but stop at the entrance to the Nurses’ Station. Go inside of it this time and wait for the zombies to come crashing through the doors. Take them out and then proceed to the right side of the room down the hallway. You’ll observe two hunters in a room you need to go in. One is watching a door, and the other is tearing apart a body. Continue down the hall to the linen room and take out the two zombies inside of it.

When you’re ready, go to the door at the right side of the room and face down the two hunters. You’ll need to use whatever flashbangs or grenades you have left to take them both on. It’s a good practice to try kiting them using the door to the linen room, but it doesn’t always work, and one of them might find their way inside. Once they’re down, proceed to the backend of the room, and you will find the audiocassette tape next to the small light on the table.

There are plenty of small secrets and things to find while you’re exploring the hospital. Don’t forget to investigate every little corner while you’re roaming around to give you an edge against the zombie horde.