Where to find the Beast Clergyman in Elden Ring

A hidden vendor.

The Beastman Clergy is a unique character in Elden Ring who can offer you various rewards for specific items. You’ll be trying to hunt for Deathroot, an item that drops off of particular bosses. While you can find the Beastman Clergy, there’s a more direct method that unlocks the rewards he gifts you. In this guide, we cover where to find the Beastman Clergy in Elden Ring.

You’ll want me with a character named D, whom you can find just outside the Summonwater Village on the west side. He’ll be standing in a graveyard. Speak with him, and he’ll warn you about fighting the boss in the Summonwater Village, the Tibia Mariner. If you defeat it, you’ll receive a Deathroot, and then you can find D later at the Roundtable Hold. Speak with him, and he’ll mark a new location on your map called a Waygate, which will take you to the Beastman Clergy.

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Once you step through the gate, you’ll enter a temple. Follow the pathway into the temple, and you’ll be able to speak with the Beastman Clergy. For each of the Deathroot items you bring, you’ll receive a reward for doing so, giving you access to unique abilities in Elden Ring.