Where to find the Bonebound Chest in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Dodge and weave your way to some bonebound treasure deep in Maldraxxus

Image via Blizzard

A collection of loot is tucked away inside a Bonebound Chest, deep in Maldraxxus in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Getting there can be dangerous, so we’re telling you exactly where you need to go to find what’s inside the chest.

Locating the cave entrance

While in Maldraxxus, you’ll need to make your way to the southwestern part of the map, Unfallen’s Sanctum, bordering the House of the Chosen. At this point, you should see the icon for the Bonebound Chest on your map. The coordinates you need are 37.86, 76.27. The cave entrance lies in Ragebringer Terrace.

Be extremely careful as you approach this cave. There are elite enemies scattered everywhere among the normal mobs, and one wrong turn will spell immediate death before you can find out what’s inside the chest.

Finding the Bonebound Chest

Inside the cave entrance, you’ll enter an area called Molten Forge. The enemies continue to spawn as you descend the staircase, so keep in mind that you may have pulled some into the cave with you. When it’s safe, turn left, and head down the darkened hallway, away from the flowing lava. You’ll see the chest at the end of the hall, guarded by even more enemies.