Where to find the Bullseye bow in Far Cry 6

An explosive bow.

There are only a handful of bows that you can find in Far Cry 6, but these weapons are extremely useful. They barely make any sound, and they typically take out enemies with a single shot, so long as you aim for their head. While they don’t have the range of a sniper rifle, their precision is paramount to ensure the success of many of the stealth missions in the game. This guide will break down where you can find the unique Bullseye bow in Far Cry 6.

You can find the Bullseye bow by searching for it in Lápida Mogote, within Sierra Perdida. You can find these areas on the western side of El Este. The Bullseye is hidden in an FND cache in the jungle.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll find it inside of a cage in an FND protected area. Despite being a location you’ll be attacked for trespassing, you’re only going to find one guard to safeguard the site. You can take them out, destroy the cage door protecting the bow, and then grab it.

The Bullseye bow is a two-star bow. It comes with precision arrows and crosshair sight, along with the high ground and headshot supremo modifications.