Where to find the deed for the Drumlish Trade Post in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Dyed in the Wool

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When you travel to Ireland in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Wrath of the Druids DLC expansion, you’ll be able to create Irish trading posts to gather up exotic resources throughout the region to trade with Azar back in Dublin. You can visit Azar to receive all of the exotic resources your trading posts have acquired, but you need to acquire their deeds to unlock them. For the deed to the Drumlish trade post, you can complete the quest Dyed in the Wool. You’ll receive it when you enter the proximity of the trading post, and it’s right in the middle of Ireland.

How to find and clear the Drumlish Trade Post

You can find the Drumlish Trade Post right in the center of Ireland, to the west of Kells Abbey, in the northwest portion of Meath. It’s alongside a river, and when you approach it, the trading post is full of wolves. Eliminate them, and clear the area.

After the wolves are gone, you’ll need to discover what happened to the previous owners. There’s a note in the tree on the west side of the trading post that you can read. It’s stuck on the side of a tree with a knife. Read it, and you’ll learn the previous owner gave up the trading post and hid the deed to it at Knockfree.

Where to find the deed for the Drumlish Trade Post in Knockfree

Knockfree is directly south of Drumlish, a little over 400 meters away. You’ll want to take your chosen mount and head there. The location is abandoned, with no guards protecting it. The exact location of the deed is on the corpse, next to the locked chest. Both are behind a blocked wall. You can break this wall by firing an arrow through the gate and hit the explosive jar.

After destroying the explosive jar, go to your left and around the corner. There will be an open entryway for you to climb up to grab the deed and the chest. You can now return to Drumlish to claim it and acquire even more clothing to trade with Azar.