Where to find the deserted chalet’s chest key in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Their treasure is yours.

You can find a deserted chalet in the Rygjafylke region in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with a chest inside of its hut. Unfortunately, unlike the other wealth icons you’ve likely already discovered in the area, this chest is locked, and you need to find a key to unlock it. Finding out the key’s location won’t be easy, but it’s not too far, so don’t think you need to travel using the Bifrost to find it.

The deserted chalet has a story behind it. The owner, Ornir, had been steadily growing hungry, and when Eivor first steps foot on the building, they mention how there’s an unnatural silence in the air as if the location were cursed. If you found the docks to the south of the desert chalet, a fast travel location, and read the note, you’d learn that the owner had arrived and had begun to starve. 

Ornir had made their way to the chalet, and eventually, the warrior’s dog, Ymir, had been out at night. The wolves attacked and likely took Ymir as a feast. Ornir, hungry, and losing strength quickly, had decided to avenge their fallen comrade and went to fight them. You need to find the wolf pack and their den.

You can find a small cave with the wolves roaming around to the northeast of the chalet. If you use your Odin’s Sight, you can see that there is the key between them and a final note from Ornir’s journal, detailing Ymir’s loss and their quest for revenge. By taking out the wolves, you can acquire the key, return to the chalet, and claim your prize. Inside will be a carbon ingot.