Where to find the first five Rot Spirits in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Rot Spirits can cure areas that are affected by Rot.


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Shortly after you learn to fight, Kena: Bridge of Spirits introduces you to the Rot Spirits. These cute spirits might seem reminiscent of creatures you’d see in Studio Ghibli films, but they serve a good purpose. These creatures can cure areas that are affected by Rot. As soon as you enter the ruins, you are tasked with finding five of these little guys. Here’s where to find the first five Rot Spirits.

On a rock

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Right after you learn to double jump, you will land in an open area surrounded by trees and rocks. There is a small pile of rocks in the center that is surrounded by flowers and mushrooms. The spirit is on the rocks.

Stone tablets

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Going forward from the first spirit and taking the path to the right, you will see two stone platforms to jump up. Just past that is a large fallen tree covered in brush with some stone tablets behind it. Here is where you will find Rot Spirit number two.

Large tree

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Making almost a 180 degree turn from the stone tablets, you will see a small gap that you can jump. Jump over the gap and continue forward until you reach the large tree surrounded by stones and paper lanterns. Here is where Rot Spirit number three is.

Loot a chest

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Go behind the tree and continue along the path until you reach a doorway in the wall of a ruin. It is covered by flora. Head through the door, along the path, and down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is a chest with Rot Spirit number four.


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Head back to the entrance and continue following the path until you see the waterfall. There is a stone platform in the ground in front of the water. Stand on the platform and pulse to activate the crystals and raise that platforms that allow you to go behind the waterfall. Inside the waterfall cave is Rot Spirit number five.