Where to find the Four Leaf Clover in Sakura Wars

It’s never in the first place you look.

Sakura Wars has a variety of quests and missions for you to venture out to complete with your squad. Early on in the game, you’ll need to locate a four-leaf clover to bring luck to your squadmates moving forward.

To find this item, you need to go to the Imperial Estate and visit the courtyard. You should see bright spots on the ground your character can examine. You need to find each one of them in the courtyard, and once that happens, they determine they won’t be able to locate any four-leaf clovers in this region, and they suggest moving on.

The next step is to visit a nearby park, which the quest guides you to shortly after completing the courtyard. You need to repeat the process in the park, examining each of the shiny specs in the area and observing them. Much like last time, none of the gleams have the four-leaf clover on them, but you need to examine each of them to advance the quest.

After you find the last one, you now need to speak to a girl in a blue dress. You can find her over by the picnic table nearby. When speaking with her, she tells you she found one a little while ago and offers it over to you. Thankfully, you don’t have to offer up anything in exchange for it.

When you have the four-leaf clover in your inventory you can complete the quest and you’re good to continue your game in Sakura Wars.