Where to find the Lost Shrine Map in Nier Replicant

Easier exploration.

The Lost Shrine is a location in Nier Replicant that can be found to the east of the Village. Follow the Eastern Road toward the mountains, then take the ladder to the right. Climb up and make your way to the bridge and this will bring you to the Lost Shrine.

The map is very easy to miss, as there is a box in the middle of the stairs at the start of the Lost Shrine. You can find it on a platform about half way up the stairs that spirals around the giant tree in the center of the Lost Shrine. This contains the map, and grabbing it will make your efforts to explore this location much easier.

Players will need to be careful in the Lost Shrine. The location only contains a single mailbox, so options to save the game will be extremely limited. There are also some interesting weapons to be found here.

The Nirvana Dagger can be found in a craft in the main hall, just before the second ladder. You can also find a two-handed sword in a grate on the roof before the boss room. This weapon is called Beastlord.

The Lost Shrine is a very important location over the course of the game, so having the map will make life much easier for players. There will be a lot to see and do here before the final credits roll.