Where to find the Move Deleter in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Delete those pesky moves using the Move Deleter.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Move Deleter is the man to see whenever you want one of your Pokemon to forget a move. This man is able to make a Pokemon completely forget a move for no cost. Furthermore, now, you can select Pokemon that are in your party and those that are sitting in your box. Here is where you can find the Move Deleter in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It will take some time to reach the Move Deleter. Be prepared to play through a good chunk of the game first. Along your journey, you will meet an NPC named Cynthia. After she helps you out in a few areas and you help her deliver the Old Charm to her grandmother in Celestic Town, you will be tasked with defeating the gym leader in Hearthome City. Once that is complete, you will get tasked with going to Canalave City.

To reach Canalave City, you will need the hidden move Surf. Cynthia’s grandmother gives you this TM when you talk to her in Celestic Town. You may also want the TM for Fly. This can be found in the Team Galatic HQ Warehouse in Veilstone City. Either walk or use Fly to go back to Jubilife City. From there, travel west to reach Canalave City.

After reaching the city, head north and go to the building behind the PokeMart. Inside you will find the Move Deleter.