Where to find the Skunk Gun Schematic in The Callisto Protocol

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There are many dangers that wait around every corner in The Callisto Protocol. If you aren’t prepared, you will quickly become the Biophage’s next victim, which is why you need to make sure you update your arsenal frequently. You start the game with a Hand Cannon, but there are many more guns to find throughout the prison. The Skunk Gun is a powerful weapon that you can get early as long as you locate the schematic for it. This guide will show you where to find the Skunk Gun Schematic in The Callisto Protocol.

How to unlock the Skunk Gun in The Callisto Protocol

To unlock the Skunk Gun, you will need to find the schematic somewhere in the prison and bring it back to a Reforge Station. Doing this will allow you to spend Callisto Credits to unlock the weapon. You can find the Skunk Gun Schematic in two areas; the Aftermath chapter and the Habitat chapter. The earlier area you can obtain the schematic is while you are searching the basement in the Aftermath chapter.

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Progress through the Aftermath chapter until you reach the area where it says D3 on the wall. Pick up the fuse after dealing with the Biophage enemies and take it back to the other side of the level. This fuse can be used to open a door in the area that leads to a vent. Crawl through the vent and it will take you to a secret room where you can find the schematic laying on a workbench.

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The second section of the game where you can find the schematic is during the Habitat chapter. After reaching the habitat chamber, head to the Oxygen processing building that is to the left side of where you enter. The building says Oxygen Processing H623. Once inside the building, hang a left and go through the door with the sign above it that reads Botanical H624.

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Follow the long hallway and go up the small staircase on the right. From there, hang a right and squeeze through the small gap. You will enter a little room with multiple enemies inside. Dispatch the enemies and you will find the schematic on top of some containers near a dead body. Remember to take the schematic back to the Reforge Station to unlock the weapon.