Where to find the Testing Ground for Training in Hyper Scape

Find out how to return to the testing ground once you’ve already completed the initial training.

Testing Ground

When you open Hyper Scape for the first time, you will be immersed in the training mode on the testing grounds, but getting back to it to brush up on your skills is a little more confusing than you might think.

Unlike in other battle royale games like Apex Legends, the game doesn’t have a traditional main menu. Instead, Hyper Scape puts your character onto a futuristic platform where you can walk around and see buildings with different menus within them.

The most obvious building is the ‘Play’ building, but if you go in, that menu will only offer you Squads and Solo, no option for training. The testing grounds are actually not in the Play menu, or easily visible on the main platform. You actually need to walk to the side of the ‘Play’ building and go to a smaller building behind it.

Testing Ground Location
Image via Ubisoft

Press the ‘f’ key to enter the training building. This will open the menu that will allow you to reload your character into the testing grounds. So you can experiment with weapons and hacks, or brush up on some target practice any time you want.