Where to find The Turdis collectible Saints Row – Doctor Who easter egg

It travels through space and time.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are a lot of different collectibles that you can find in Saints Row. These collectibles can be placed in your headquarters so you can truly make the church feel like home. Among these collectibles are easter eggs that pay tribute to various forms of media. The Turdis, for example, is Saints Row’s version of the Tardis from Doctor Who, lovingly styled into a porta potty. Give your headquarters a bit of a style with this nerdy collectible.

Where to find The Turdis collectible in Saints Row

All the collectibles in the game have a brief description of their location to help you find them. For the case of The Turdis, its entry will tell you to find Escobarista, a coffee shop in the Old Town West section of Santo Ileso. Consider yourself lucky because that is the same section of the city where your headquarters is located.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The map above shows you where you can find Escobarista. Go to the Friendly Fire location that is in Old Town East and go across the street. From there, go behind the building, and you will find The Turdis waiting to be photographed.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To photograph The Turdis, go to the camera app of your phone and snap a picture of it. Once you get a photo of the collectible, head back to your headquarters to place it somewhere in the church.