Where to find tin and copper ore in Valheim

You need this to create bronze weapons, armor, and tools.

Image via Iron Gate Studio

Your humble beginnings in Valheim need to progress somewhere, and the next step after taking on the first boss, Eikthyr, is acquiring a pickaxe. The pickaxe you can craft from its hardened antler is extremely useful, allowing you to cultivate several starter resources, namely tin and copper ore. These resources will be in a different region from where you originally start, though.

Where to find copper and tin

When you’re ready to leave the starter Meadows location in Valheim, and you have your antler pickaxe, you want to travel to the Black Forest. Because the game is randomly generated, the exact location will be slightly different for every player. For us, the Black Forest was to the south of the starter location. Ours had quite a few more mountains, and in this area, you’re bound to find more powerful enemies, such as Greydwarfs, Trolls, and skeletons guarding dungeons.

The copper deposits are pretty easy to spot. They are these large boulders in the ground and have a green coloring to them. When you hover over it, you’ll see ‘copper’ on the deposit. Once you find one, all you have to do is start hammering away at it with your pickaxe, and you’ll start breaking chunks away. Unfortunately, you won’t always receive copper for your troubles. More often than not, you’re going to receive stone, which is likely why the copper ore deposits are so large. If you don’t receive it immediately, don’t worry about it. Keep hitting it with your pickaxe, and some should drop for you in due time.

The process for finding tin is the same for copper, except it’s going to be significantly smaller. You’ll find it near the shores of a water source. It’ll be available throughout the various regions. Much like copper, you will need to smelt it down into a bar state, and with copper, you’ll be able to combine it at a forge to create bronze.