Where to find Twisted Remains in Monster Hunter Rise

Twisted Remains can make for useful armor and weapons.

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Twisted Remains will be a common ingredient requirement to finish several of your weapon and armor creations in Monster Hunter Rise. You’ll need to make regular trips out into the wild to find them. Making sure you have enough of this when you start the game is critical. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Twisted Remains in Monster Hunter Rise.

You can only find Twisted Remains in a single location in Monster Hunter Rise, and that’s the Shrine Ruins. As a result, you’ll want to embark on low-rank quests out to this region if you plan to have quite a bit of it in your inventory or if you’re looking to complete a full set of armor or a specific weapon you want to craft to add to your loadout.

These are all locations you can find Twisted Remains in the Shrine Ruins.

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Beyond the Shrine Ruins, you can obtain Twisted Remains by completing low-rank one, two, and three-star Village quests. You can also earn them through one-star Hub quests, which are more complex than Village quests, and we recommend taking a friend or two with you for these missions.

You’ll primarily be using Twisted Remains to forge Bone related weapons, the Bnahabra, Arzuros, Lagombi, Bishaten, Death Stench, Melaoha, Aelucanth, and Rhopessa armor sets.