Where to find Wisps in Valheim

You’re going to need them to see through the mist.

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Wisps are a creature you can find in Valheim, and how you go about finding them can be a bit challenging. It will take a bit of time to find them in the wild, but they won’t be traditional animals you find while exploring the many biomes. You need to lure them to your location and catch them so you can make it easier to see through the Mistlands fog. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Wisps in Valheim.

How to get Wisps in Valheim

Wisps will not naturally appear in the wild. Instead, you have to lure them to your location using a Wisp Fountain. The Wisp Fountain is a rare item you can only acquire if you’ve defeated Yagluth, the fifth boss in Valheim. You can find Yagluth in the Plains at one of their special spawning locations, which will vary based on your world seed. When you defeat Yagluth, it drops a special item known as a Torn Spirit. With this, you can begin attracting the Wisps to you and constructing a Wisp Fountain.

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The Wisp Fountain is what will draw the Wisps to you. Beyond the Torn Spirit, you will also need at least 10 stone and a stonecutting bench nearby you. You can place the Wisp Fountain down at any location, but it will need to be outside a structure for the Wisps to reach you. If it is not outside, they won’t arrive.

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The last thing you need to do is wait for nighttime to fall. When it is night in your game, the Wisps will begin to come out, and you can see them glowing around the fountain. Grab as many wisps as possible before daytime arrives, and you can start crafting Wisp Lanterns.