Where to find Wolves in New World

An animal you can find throughout New World and have to hunt down for quests.

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Animals roam all over New World, many of them right outside the settlements you frequently visit in each region. Numerous quests require players to go out of their way to hunt these animals down, bringing resources back to a crafting station to turn them into valuable tools or gear to aid in their adventure. One of the more notable animals you’re going to find are Wolves, and you can find them all over New World. This guide will detail all of those locations, making it easier to complete several quests in those regions.

You can find Wolves in Brightwood, Cutlass Keys, Edengrove, Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, Restless Shore, Weaver’s Fen, and Windsward.


The Wolves in Brightwood are pretty strong, many of them around level 26 and 28. You can find several of them outside of the many landmarks, and they are a popular quest requirement in this region, alongside the several Lost-type enemies.

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Cutlass Keys

There are only a handful of Wolves that appear in Cutlass Keys. However, there’s a spawn that also shows up in the Ancient’s Pass that players may need to locate to complete PvP quests in the region.

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The Wolves in Edengrove are likely going to be incredibly strong, being in a region recommended for players from levels 51 to 60. Most of the spawns are on the road between the Valor Hold Outpost and Mourningdale Hamlet. There are also some to the south of Edengrove, on the road to Weaver’s Fen, and to the north to Shattered Mountain.

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Everfall has multiple Wolves throughout the region, many of them north of the city if you need to find them; head to the forests to the north of Everfall, on your way to the fort, or the road to Brightwood.

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Monarch’s Bluffs

Monarch’s Bluffs is one of the several starting areas in New World, making it a prime candidate for wolf territory. You can find many of them south to the city or in the mountains with a handful of Iron, Silver, and Gold ore spawns.

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Restless Shore

There are only a tiny handful of Wolf spawns in Restless Shore. However, you can encounter them on the northern road to Weaver’s Fen and on the small island where you can find the fort. These wolves are expected to be between levels 41 and 46.

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Weaver’s Fen

There are only a handful of wolves in Weaver’s Fen, but you can expect to find more than the ones in Restless Shores. You can find them to the north of the town, and a few to the south, on the border of Reekwater.

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The final location where you can find Wolves, Windsward, contains multiple all over the region. Windsward is a starting area, so it’s to be expected. Most of the Wolves are scattered around the city, with a handful to the northwest and some to the southwest, near the borders to Cutlass Keys.

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