Where to find your DLC items in Monster Hunter Rise

Claim what’s yours.

Image via Capcom

If you have purchased the Deluxe Edition of Monster Hunter Rise or pre-ordered the game, then you will have some goodies waiting for you in the form of DLC items.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t just give them to you, because that would be too easy. You will need to find a certain NPC and speak with them to claim your prize.

Head for the center of town and speak with the Courier Cat who takes care of all the mail. You can find him standing on top of a red chest, near Fugen the Elder, right in the center of town.

Speak with the Courier and scroll down to Add-on Content. Click on this option to get a full list of all the items that are available for you to download. After you have them, you can change what you have equipped at the item box, or head to buddy plaza to change your buddy gear.

There is a huge amount of gear available as you play through the game, and sometimes you may prefer how something looks over how it affects your character. The good news here is that Monster Hunter Rise allows you to change your appearance, but keep different armor as a stat layer.

To do this, head to the item box in town, and select Layered Armor, which will allow you to change your appearance.