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Where to find your father’s key and chest in Dwerve

Grab yourself an extra power stone.

After you’ve made your way through Dwerve’s tutorial and have successfully defended the village, you’ll be ready to move on with the rest of your adventure. Well, almost. Your grandfather tasks you with finding your father’s key and chest so you can get an extra power stone under your belt. The trouble is, these are exceptionally well hidden, and you’re given barely any hints as to their whereabouts. This guide explains where to find your father’s chest and key so you don’t get stuck here for too long.

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Find the chest and key around the docks

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You’re not given much direction when it comes to the location of your father’s chest and key, making them even harder to track down. However, if you look at the top and bottom of the docks, the area to the town’s right with all the boats, you’ll find them. The key is at the top of the docks, left of the large smelter behind the crates. The chest is at the bottom of the docks, behind the tree, and blocked off by a bush. Standing still will allow Dwerve to throw his boomerang at the crates and bush to destroy them so you can pass through. Your father hid these items in case he needed them one day, but now it’s down to you to use them to defeat a new threat that shouldn’t even exist.

After you collect this power stone, you should have six in total. With these, you can place more traps and weapons as you progress through the game. It’s important to combine everything you have in your arsenal to ensure that you don’t get hit. Try to focus on slowing enemies down or killing them way before they reach you, as you would in any other tower defense game. If you don’t, you’ll fall pretty quickly in battle. This village marks the end of the game’s tutorial, meaning you will be facing more formidable enemies and much more challenging arenas as you progress from this point.

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