Where to get a Rathian Ruby in Monster Hunter Rise

Roll the dice to see if you can get it.

Image via Capcom

The resources you’re hunting for in Monster Hunter Rise vary greatly in high-rank quests compared to what you were looking for in low-rank. The loot tables were a lot smaller, and the monsters were a bit easier. When you reach high rank, you’ll be battling some of the toughest creatures Monster Hunter Rise has to offer, and those you’ve already battled against will be stronger and have new attacks. For those looking for a Rathian Ruby, you’ve probably already guessed you need to battle a Rathain, but having the ruby drop is extremely difficult.

The Rathian Ruby appears on all five of the potential loot tables for the Rathian. It can be a target reward, a capture reward, a broken part reward, a carving reward, or a dropped material one. However, the capture reward, the broken parts reward, and the carving reward give the best chance of it appearing. The capture reward is pretty straightforward, but the broken parts and carving reward are a little specific.

The loot table for the Rathian Ruby is broken up for the carving and broken parts reward. When it comes to the carving reward, carving a Rathian’s tail yields the best chance of a Rathian Ruby dropping at 3%. For the broken parts reward, breaking the Rathian’s head is the best chance at having the ruby drop at a 3% chance. When you carve a defeated Rathian, you only have a 1% chance, and the same goes for breaking the Rathian’s back.

Getting the Rathian Ruby to drop is difficult, and you’ll probably be spending numerous hunts finding the best way to do this. We recommend attempting to cut the Rathian’s tail off to go for that chance and then try breaking the Rathian’s headpiece. If those do not yield a Rathian Ruby, your next best shot will be to try capturing it. All of those opportunities give you and your party a 3% chance for the ruby to drop. Everything else sits at 1%.