Where to get and farm Scatterfish in Monster Hunter Rise

An explosive fish.

Image via Capcom

Fishing can be a fundamental part of Monster Hunter Rise. You normally will find most of the resources you want to craft new gear by hunting down massive monsters or farming ore, but the scatterfish is extremely useful. It’s a fish that if you combine it with a large barrel bomb, you’ll be able to create a mega barrel bomb. These are excellent to use against monsters that have escaped your hunting party to return to their nest to sleep, where you can wake them up with these dangerous explosives.

We’ve reliably found scatterfish in the fishing spots in the Shrine Ruins. You can visit these locations by accepting any of the expedition tours for the village or the hub. We recommend the village because these missions are a bit easier, so when you accept them and potentially encounter the monsters inhabiting the region, they won’t be a huge threat.

These are all of the fishing locations in the Shrine Ruins.

Once you reach one of them, you can start fishing. You’ll hunt a specific fish with a red and black body with red coloring around the eyes. It’ll stand out from the other ones swimming around as it should be much smaller.

You can fish for as many scatterfish as you want, so long as you see them moving around under the water. If you ever stop seeing them, or your inventory is full, you can return to the village and start over again. Alternatively, after you catch one scatterfish, you can then have your buddies trade with Argosy and have them go after scatterfish. It’ll take a bit longer, though.

Doing it yourself and having your buddies farm it out are effective methods. Before attempting to catch the fish yourself, we recommend emptying your inventory before leaving the camp to maximize the amount you can bring back with you.