Where to get black metal scrap, and how to smelt it in Valheim

Some of the best metal in the land.

Black metal scrap is one of the last ores you’ll find yourself acquiring in Valheim. It’s a metal you can only find in place, and if you’ve picked it up, chances are you’ve been dealing with one of the toughest biomes in the game: the Plains. For those looking to find it, you’ll want to make sure you have some of the best gear you can put on your character and you have full stomachs with some of the best stews and meals.

You can only find black metal scrap on any of the fulings in the Plains. These little, goblin-like creatures wield a variety of weapons and are extremely efficient at swarming you. If you’re not paying attention, a group of fulings might find their way to you and send you running. You might want to try and grab one of these fulings by themselves or shoot them from afar with a wave of arrows.

When they drop, fulings typically drop black metal scrap and coins. The black metal scrap functions similarly to the other ores you acquire in Valheim. These are heavy metal pieces, and you cannot travel through a portal while holding one in your inventory. Make sure to place these in a chest somewhere before going through one.

The black metal scrap also does not smelt down like other metals. Instead, you need a more powerful device, a blast furnace. You can only create a blast furnace after defeating the fourth Forsaken boss, Moder, and acquiring the dragon tear after defeating her. You’ll have to craft the blast furnace while in range of the artisan table. The blast furnace is the only smelting device that can melt these pieces down. It doesn’t hurt to have these items stack up at your house, though, while you’re waiting to create your blast furnace.