Where to get Carrion Snails in Tower of Fantasy

A rare delicacy.

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You will come across a whole bunch of different ingredients to cook with as you make your way across the world of Tower of Fantasy. While some of these ingredients are extremely abundant, some are a little more difficult to find and are often scarce when you do find them. One of the more difficult to find ingredients is Carrion Snails. Get ready for some searching. This is where you can find Carrion Snails in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to find Carrion Snails in Tower of Fantasy

You will need to progress through the game for a little while before you can get any Carrion Snails. They don’t appear in the starting area of the game, so you will need to get out of Astra before you can find them. Once you reach Banges, you will want to head north up to the Navia region.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you look at the information for Carrion Snails in the game, it will tell you that they can only be found on Navia beaches. The map above shows the areas where we had the most success finding Carrion Snails. They are a rare creature so you will probably only find one or two at a time, and they will be pretty spaced out from one another. The best thing you can do is follow the coastline from end to end. Doing this should get you around five or six snails. Make sure to hit them with a weapon when you see them in order to collect them.

How to use Carrion Snails

Carrion Snails offer more Satiety points than most items that you can eat by themselves. Eating a Carrion Snail will give your character four Satiety points. We recommend avoiding this, however, because they offer more benefits to your character if they are made into a meal. You can turn them into a meal if you have the required ingredients at any of the cooking stations around the map.